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Technical and Fitting details
Sizing information
Magic Cleavage Bra Information
The Magic Cleavage © Bra is made in the style of a traditional corset but is lycra-rich in fabric composition.  The Bras do not open completely due to the support function and therefore are pulled on in the same way as a skirt (from the bottom and not over the head).

There are pockets built into the cups, enabling extra padding or removal of existing padding in the bras..
Our Bras are listed in UK Bra sizes.  Please refer to the chart below to cross-reference with  your equivalent regional size.
Please click on the desired  region to show the conversion chart for your location . Your Bra size will be in Blue and the  equivalent  UK size in Pink. 
Europe/ China/ Japan/ Korea  to  UK
65A = 30A
65B = 30B
65C = 30C
65D = 30D
65E = 30DD
65F = 30E
70A = 32A
70B = 32B
70C = 32C
70D = 32D
70E = 32DD
70F = 32E
70G = 32F
70H = 32G
70I = 32H
75A = 34A
75B = 34B
75C = 34C
75D = 34D
75E = 34DD
75F = 34E
75G = 34F
75H = 34G
75I = 34H
80B = 36B
80C = 36C
80D = 36D
80E = 36DD
80F = 36E
80G = 36F
80H = 36G
80I = 36H
85C = 38C
85D = 38D
85E = 38DD
85F = 38E
85G = 38F
85H = 38G
90D = 40D
90E = 40DD
90F = 40E
90G = 40F
90H = 40G
90I = 40H
95E = 42DD
95F = 42E
95G = 42F
95H = 42G
95I = 42H
100E = 44DD
100F = 44E
100G = 44F
100H = 44G
International bra size chart
Magic cleavage bra model
Cleavage Bra padding pocket
The Magic Cleavage © Bras have traditional bra straps as well as a removable strap which can be worn  for extra uplift if desired.  This adds greatly to the flexibility of the garment. (See image above right)

Unlike traditional corset style garments, we do not use bone-type materials for vertical strengthening of the garment.  We instead use a softer, pliable material which allows for natural movement without discomfort.
Magic Cleavage bra before picture
Magic Cleavage bra After picture
The Before and after pictures to the left and right are taken from our video.  The pictures show the model trying the Magic Cleavage © Bra.  As you can see..  The results are undeniable.

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