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Welcome to the Magic Cleavage © UK  website. The  Magic Cleavage Bra is the ultimate hidden fashion accessory.  The corset style bra has been developed for comfort, durability and to give you some say in the way you look in your clothes.  Because the cleavage effect is adjustable, the adjustable Magic Cleavage Bra is ideal for most occasions.

Every Magic Cleavage bra comes with matching knickers.  The stretchable fabric helps to even out body shape, giving an all-round sleeker, more controlled look.

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The Magic Cleavage © Bra was developed specifically to address the need for bosom support and shape when wearing today's fashion.  The shape of many dresses and blouses can  be unflattering without the right under-garments.  Magic Cleavage has been tested with a variety of clothes and has been found to give a great balance of control and shape to the bosom area.
The bra can be purchased directly from us by Credit card, Debit card or Paypal account.  See the 'Purchase' page.    Enjoy the Magic of our Brand!
Using modern fabrics and traditional designs, Magic Cleavage ©  allows for adjustable bust appearance when wearing your favourite clothes.  Not only does it enhance the bosom cleavage-line but with the adjustable style of the bra, allows you to modify the effect to suit what you are wearing.   A must-have bra for the fashion and body conscious. 
The Magic Cleavage Bras were designed to be a solution for many of the issues facing women who want to wear modern fashion.  The lingerie set (as demonstrated in the video) not only enhances the bust and cleavage by the use of a soft padded bra cup  but acts as shapewear to smooth out lumps and bumps and deal with back fat.  These are some of the more prominent issues normally being dealt with by the use of multiple garments. We address these issues in one garment.

The corset (or Bustier) style of the bra means that there is no need for extra control garments to smooth out the back and stomach.  Also, because there are no wires or hard bones (as with traditional corsets) the bra can be worn for extended periods without discomfort.  The fabric is light and breathable and especially developed for strength, comfort and durability.

The cleavage enhancement was developed by a strict process involving several models with different body shapes in order to arrive at the best cleavage bra solution.  The padding in the bra section can be removed and there are extra pockets to add more padding for those who want even more enhancement to the cleavage and bust.

We see the Magic Cleavage Bra as a fashion accessory (albeit a hidden one) which gives the wearer a much better base layer to start dressing from.  What it is not trying to be is a fashion garment in it's own right.  The development was geared around the practicality and function and we have produced a high quality garment which truly functions as an unbeatable shapewear base layer.

So if you usually wear padded bras, push up bras or wear a size smaller to help boost your cleavage.  The Magic Cleavage can do it all.

We hope you are as passionate about the product as we are and enjoy the comfort and function of the Magic Cleavage enhancing shapewear bras.

The Magic Cleavage Team.
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